Help and Support

Help and Support

CQHE stands for “Centre for Qualification and Higher Education.
Centre for Qualification and Higher Education (CQHE)is one the leading Awarding Organisations based in United Kingdom..
Working with CQHE enables your learners to:

  • Register on a nationally recognised programme of learning.
  • Complete qualifications at their own pace and recognise achievement every step of the way
  • Accumulate credits towards nationally recognised qualifications
  • Receive a certificate to confirming their qualification and the number of credits achieved.
  • Outstanding personalised customer service and support
  • Proven expertise in developing vocational qualifications and credit based learning
  • Responsive and flexible qualification development service
  • Diverse range of qualifications
  • National accreditation, local service
  • Charitable organisation with ethical and sustainable business practices

If you are interested in becoming an CQHE Recognised Centre you need to complete and submit our Prospective Centre Enquiry Form which asks some standard questions regarding your organisation, current systems and any specific requirements.

When we have reviewed your request we will contact you to advise how you might proceed with your application.  You will receive a Centre Recognition Application pack including details on Centre Recognition terms and requirements, fees and other useful information.

One of our Business Development Adviser (BDA) will also be on hand to guide you through the application process.

Our Adviser can also assist with:

  • Exploring the range of existing Qualifications and units you will be able to access
  • Explain how to access and/or develop CQHE endorsed units if preferred
  • Outline the range of training programmes and other support  initiatives available
CQHE courses can only be accessed through one of our recognised centres, each of which has been quality assured by us.

Framework (QCF)?

The Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) sets out the levels against which a qualification can be recognised in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Qualifications using the QCF rules are made up of units at a given a level according to their difficulty, from entry level to level 8. The title of a qualification will tell you its size and level.

This provides flexible ways to get a qualification by:

  • Allowing learners to build towards the achievement of a qualification by being awarded credits for the completion of units.
  • Each unit has a credit value which tells you how many credits are awarded when a unit is completed.
  • The credit value also gives an indication of how long it will normally take to prepare for a unit or qualification.  One credit will usually take approximately 10 hours of learning.
  • Units build up to qualifications and there are three different types of qualification in the QCF: Award (1 to 12 credits), Certificate (13 to 36 credits), Diploma (37 credits or more)

Credits are a way of measuring and valuing your learning. A credit is based on a nominal 10 hours of learning but this does not mean that you have to spend 10 hours learning as some people can do it in less and for others, it may take more. A typical short course may offer between 1 and 5 credits where as a longer course may offer over 15 credits.

The level of a unit or qualification indicates how difficult it is to achieve and your qualification certificate will show the level you have reached for each unit.  The level of the learning you undertake will be similar to the level of study needed for other courses and UK.

For example:

Entry level – qualifications and units provides a basis for progression to other qualifications

Level 1 – comparable to working at NVQ level 1, GCSEs D-G, Foundation Diploma

Level 2 – comparable to working at NVQ level 2, GCSE’s A-C, Higher Diploma

Level 3 – comparable to working at NVQ level 3, A and AS level, Advanced Diploma

Level 4 – comparable to working at NVQ level 4, Certificate of Higher Education

CQHE national Qualifications are formally recognised for those learners who undertake units from a national qualification will receive a nationally recognised Qualification Certificate.

CQHE endorsement enables centres to gain recognition for bespoke unit/s which are developed and tailored by you to meet your specific centre requirements.  We work closely with centres to provide professional advice and guidance when creating bespoke unit/s to build the skills and knowledge required completing your course.

CQHE endorsement of unit/s is confirmation your course has undergone a robust quality assurance process, ensuring the training is of a high standard.  Learners who undertake an CQHE endorsed course will receive an CQHE Endorsed Course Certificate.

All qualifications in the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) are made up of units. When you have met all the criteria in the unit they you will have achieved the unit. A qualification is made up from a set of units. You will gain a full qualification when you have achieved all these units and complete any other requirements of the qualification.

The qualification specification is a complete document specifying the regulator approved requirements around a qualification. This includes guidance on quality requirements, copies of the qualification/endorsed course specification  and includes the unit specifications.

It enables the centre/deliverer to understand the requirement to capture and present learner evidence of achievement based on the unit specifications, covering all of the assessment criteria of all of the learning outcomes.

Centre IVs and assessors should be familiar with the specification for each qualification they deliver.

Our Qualifications are competitively priced offering value for money and fees include the combined learner registration and one certification (this includes unit certification claims) per learner, per qualification. To view our portfolio of qualifications and associated charges please refer to our online qualification finder. For our full fees & invoicing policy please login to your secure area of the website.

Our Qualifications and Endorsed Courses are competitively priced offering value for money and fees include the combined learner registration and one certification (this includes unit certification claims) per learner, per qualification. To view our portfolio of qualifications and associated charges please contact our team.

Developing a qualification can vary according to the time commitment that can be given by the organisation requesting it and CQHE to work together on it.  On average it takes around 90 days but a small qualification such as an Award can be turned around in a much shorter period, for example, a few days if necessary.

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