Become a Centre

Become a Centre

We know that great training providers need great qualifications. That’s why we make sure our qualifications are easy to understand and administer, are competitively priced and geared to your needs.

By becoming an approved Centre you can be certain of great customer service. Our Customer Service pledges

  • We will always answer your calls in less than 45 seconds
  • We will allocate a dedicated Regional Development Executive to you to give help and support
  • We will keep you up to date through cachezone and regular emails
  • We will provide downloadable support materials free of charge
  • Our application process is quick and simple.

Our application process is quick and simple.

It is important that you familiarise yourself with the Centre Agreement before you apply to become an approved centre. It sets out our respective rights and responsibilities and outlines how we will work together.


  • Step1

    Fill in the Centre Approval Form

  • Step2

    Once you have completed the form. A comprehensive Quality Assurance check will be carried out to help us determine that, your Institute complys with our Rules and Regulations.

  • Step3

    Once you pass your quality Assurance check, we will issue you with a Centre Agreement. To ensure we comply with the Ofqual ‘General Conditions of Recognition’, a written agreement must be in place,

  • Step4

    When your Centre has been approved, you’ll receive a certificate to display and can start registering learners.


When a centre wishes to be recognised to offer CQHE qualifications, we carry out an appraisal exercise of that centre to ensure that they are able to meet our requirements and satisfy OFQUAL’s criteria for centres to operate at a high level of quality and with the best interests of learners as the highest priority.

Any bona fide organisation which meets our requirements. You may be a ‘traditional’ learning institution, a training organisation or perhaps an employer who wishes to invest more in their staff to enhance their knowledge and skills.

The application form for Centre recognition can be found on our website,

What is a centre?

A different centre and legal entity, but there is a formal agreement with a recognised centre. The centre may have different policies and procedures for some aspects of its work but as far as the delivery of CQHE qualifications are concerned, the centre works to the same standards and adheres to the quality assurance required. The centre has responsibility for ensuring that all aspects of the quality of provision in the centre are met.

How do centres get approved?

The centre must meet all of the high standards we expect and the most recent external verification visit prior to the agreement:

We need the following information/evidence:

  • CVs of staff who will administer, teach, access and manage provision in the centre.
  • How the centre monitors the quality standards assessment, verification, malpractice and quality assurance.
  • Evidence of physical resources in the centre
  • Centre application form.
  • How the main centre will enrol and register learners and ensure they meet the entry criteria for the chosen course of study.
  • Evidence of a contractual relationship with the centre.

This list of information is not exhaustive and other information may be required.

How CQHE will monitor the quality of provision in centres

The centre may only register learners on qualifications CQHEilable.

The centre must continue to obtain ‘green’ status in the monitoring visits conducted by EVs.

If any issues emerge with then centre which gives cause for concern then CQHE will contact the centre to inform of the change in status. A monitoring and development visit will take place at the centre to review the quality checks which are being implemented for their centres.

  • Annual visits by CQHE staff and associates to centres as appropriate
  • In addition to EV visits to centres, remote video meetings with teaching, assessment and administrative staff will be conducted.

The support CQHE will provide to centres

  • Delivering CQHE Qualifications Handbook.
  • Access to sample assignments, teaching and learning guidance and reading lists.
  • Free service for checking any centre devised assignments, which centres may require to ensure relevancy of learning and assessment.
  • Sample policies and procedures.
  • Remote video training and support with teaching, assessment and administrative staff in centres.
  • Access to the CQHE international webpage which contains training materials, information and advice.
  • Online support with queries as they may arise.

Centre Recognition Application Form

The centre application form is intended to provide CQHE with general information on a centre applying for recognition, such as contact details, type of organisation, what awarding organisations the centre is currently recognised by, and details on premises. The application process will expect the centre to submit completed application form with all policies and organisation chart. Once submitted, the application form will be uploaded to the online portal account.


When a centre wishes to be approved by CQHE to deliver one or more of our programmes, we will visit to carry out an initial audit to determine whether that centre can meet our requirements and meet their own obligations to learners. Full details of this process are given to prospective CQHE centres.

CQHE visits centres periodically to conduct an assessment exercise. This is simply to make sure that the centre is running smoothly, to resolve any issues that the centre may have and for CQHE to make any recommendations for improvement in the light of changes in government regulations or market conditions.

Once a centre has completed the application form, we will agree a date for the approval visit. Following the visit, the CQHE audit team will examine the information gathered and make its recommendations to the CQHE board. This process should not normally take more than one week to complete.

The process of CQHE accreditation is essentially the same for all organisations. We need to ensure that you can meet our requirements and that you place a high priority on the interests and welfare of learners. If you are able to do this and wish to work with a UK government recognised awarding body then CQHE will be delighted to consider your application to join us. Download CQHE Become Centre Application Form

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