Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership


  • What impact do you generate? – the way others see it
  • Creating a ‘resonance’ with others to gain cooperation
  • Overcoming inhibitions


  • Feedback – responding and encouraging accurate and fair feedback
  • Dealing constructively with negative or unresponsive people
  • Your personal ‘blue print’ for change


  • Women in business are faced with many differing demands on their time in today’s hectic world. Some feel they have to live up to many challenging and sometimes conflicting expectations. Gender diversity is encouraged and welcomed at the top level in many organisations, as women have a variety of strengths to offer and can bring a balance of approach and opinion. Although, as our current government agrees, there is still slow progress in boosting the proportion of women in senior roles. Is your organisation making the most of the diverse talent available?
  • This highly interactive two-day workshop will give you the opportunity to take time out and reflect on what constitutes success for you, and to start to plan how you will achieve your goals. You will gain greater understanding of your own personal motivations and how this drives your behaviour, and in turn how this can be perceived by others. Time will be spent exploring the factors which lead to career success in the competitive working environment. You will learn tools and techniques for raising your profile to those who matter; for developing powerful networks and for building and maintaining confidence and self-belief.
  • You will be encouraged to consider this as an ongoing process, not just as a one-off event, and to take the time to reflect on these matters on a regular basis throughout your career.
    Is it Right for me?

This workshop is for any woman who would like to develop and progress her management career, especially those from male-dominated industries.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify different leadership styles, and the strengths each can bring.
  • Understand what is most important to you in the context of your life and career and what constitutes career success.
  • Assess what drives your behaviour, your preferred communication style and the impact this can have on others.
  • Appreciate the factors which affect career success and the importance of image and exposure.
  • Build the image you would like to project and plan how to do this.
  • Understand what you can do to increase your exposure to the right people.
  • Appreciate how you can develop your network for career development and support.
  • Leave with an action plan of the practical steps you will take towards your career goals


Leadership Styles

  • How men and women operate at work
  • Different leadership styles
  • Strengths of each

Career Success

  • Our values in the career context
  • Definitions of success

Strength Deployment Inventory ®

  • Self-assessment tool – what drives our behaviour?
  • How do we like to communicate?
  • What happens when we are under pressure?
  • How could we be perceived by others?

Projecting the Right Image

  • The importance of image and exposure
  • How to project a consistent image which is right for you

Gaining Exposure

  • Managing organisational politics
  • Tools and tips for raising your profile

Developing Your Network:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Managing and maintaining your network

Confidence and Self-Belief

  • Tips and techniques for building and maintaining confidence
  • Awareness of personal strengths

Action Planning

  • What will I do differently going forward?

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